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Corona Virus

If you have travelled overseas recently, especially to China, and are concerned you may have an infection, please call the surgery to discuss what to do. We will give you advice and if you need to see us, we will advise how this can be done. It is better not to book online but to...

New Doctor

Dr Florian Mutzke will be working here from 7th January. We are excited to welcome him here with us. He is very experienced in all aspects of GP and has worked overseas and in Australia in the city and rural. He will be working Tuesdays and Fridays initially and over time will...

Billing Policy Changes

To continue our commitment to provide a high quality service we cannot continue bulk-billing many of our consultations. The medicare rebate, which is the bulk-billing fee, is less than half of the current consultation fee. Children under the age of six will continue to be...

Influenza Vaccination 2019

The flu season seems to have peaked but usually the peak is in August/September so we still recommend having your flu injection at this time as we are still seeing new cases. Free flu vaccines are available to under 5 year olds and over 65 year olds. Everyone else can have one...

Shingles Vaccination now available

A free immunisation is now available for all adults 70 years of age. A catch-up dose is free for all adults aged 71-79 years until October 2021. This is called Zostavax.  Please ask your doctor about this vaccination

Infant feeding advice

New consensus guidelines recommend solid foods be introduced from 4-6 months. These should include peanut butter, cooked egg, dairy and wheat products. This early exposure may in fact reduce the risk of food allergies. There is no consistent evidence to use hypoallergenic...